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Corporate Reel

As a Voice Over Artist who records at home alone, it was such treat to head off and record my new Corporate Reel in the comfort of someone else’s Vocal Booth and to be able to surrender all technical know-how to them and to just be the actor.

I hadn’t realised how many hats I wear through a day alone in my studio. From actress to director to technician to editor to tea maker, you name it, I do it! But today, I wore one hat and one hat only: Voice Over Artist.

Mind you, beforehand I had had my Producer hat on, as I carefully selected the pieces I wanted to use. This is delicate as you want to pick pieces that show off your voice and flexibility around trickier, more complex words and phrases and pieces that demonstrate that you can turn your voice to lots of different corporate areas.

All of this, the selecting of pieces and recording of them, was made a hell of a lot easier by the presence of Guy Michaels and Voiceover Kickstart. Over the years I have recorded all my reels with Guy and indeed gone on and done his Voiceover Kickstart course and Expert Edition course. He is a bit of a gem and if you don’t know him check him out.

Another thing that made this whole process easier is the fact that I love Corporate work. I don’t feel it always gets the respect it deserves from many actors and agents alike. But I love it. I love the clarity of process and how much difference you can make to a piece by bringing thought, meaning and understanding. A lot of corporate voiceover can appear bland or dull but when you begin to understand what is being said, why the company needs it said and how they need it to be received, then you begin to need to tell a story and that is what I am in this business for. I love telling and being part of the story. And one must never forget that there is as much emotion and detail to a story about a companies finances, a law firms commitment to their clients or the formula to plant growth as there is in an advert, a documentary or a drama. You just have to find it, understand it and recognise the subtleties therein.

Now you might ask, why I am recording a corporate reel when I already work in this area, have clients and a reputation?

Well, your reel is your calling card. It matters so much that it good and that it reflects your voice. Voices change and develop over time and since I last recorded reels back in 2014 my voice has deepened and I believe is now more nuanced and a hell of a lot more experienced. Overtime you also begin to see who likes your voice and what kind of thing it is getting used for. In this way you can tailor make the reel to appeal to either those you are already appealing to or to slightly change the angle of approach.


So now I let Guy work his magic and I head back to my booth and that hatstand!