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The Stage Newspaper: Better Late than Never

  I admit that I have always seen myself as pretty ‘in the know’ about the industry I work in. And particularly that of theatre. I’m a geek; I read reviews, I go to A LOT of theatre, I have lengthy chats with fellow actors and

Positive Procrastination

When I started thinking about procrastination my mind went straight to that wondrous scene from Mitchell and Webb:   I think that procrastination is underrated! Sometimes we need that period of complete waste land and when we finally get through it and find ourselves on the other

Book a holiday: Get a job!

Book a holiday: get a job. When Mr BC suggested a holiday to start the year, part of me thought ‘how lovely, a break!’ and part of me thought ‘Hooray! A job to start 2017.’ Bags were packed, the uber booked to the airpot, the